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Intex Forms - GFRG Access Panels

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

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IntexForms is a manufacturer of drywall access doors made from GFRG (GRG/Fiberglass) and GFRC (GRC). Their panel and frame molds are made with computer controlled machines so every panel fits in every orientation, with even gaps on all sides, every time.

UP Ceilings has been a distributor of IntexForms products for over 20 years. For quotes, lead times, details, and purchasing, please reach out via phone or email:




Typically found in Division 08, Access Doors can be made from metal, plastic, or GFRG (see comparison here).

GFRG panels are made using reinforced gypsum, which is a nearly identical material to sheetrock itself. That’s why drywall is often referred to as gypsum board in architectural specifications. The difference is that GFRG uses glass fibers to strengthen and reinforce the gysum, creating a much stronger version of gypsum that behaves the same way.

The biggest benefit to GFRG panels is how invisible they look when installed into drywall. They have no flange and just a minimal joint, allowing for a seamless blend into sheetrock. Gravity fit (Lift & shift) panels are mainly used on ceilings while hinged panels are used in both walls and ceilings. The stealth factor of these panels makes them the number one choice by architects and designers for commercial and residential design specifications.


  • Installs in ceilings or walls, with standard drywall compound. Hinged panels are used for wall applications.

  • Perfectly smooth surface, panels come filled and sanded

  • 3" frame containing wooden embedments to screw panels into studs

  • Made for 5/8" drywall, can be installed in 1/2" drywall


  • Paint finish blends seamlessly with the surrounding drywall

  • Easy to tape into drywall (same material as all the surrounding gyp. Board, installed using standard compound)

  • Most concealed / least visible way to have access through drywall without disturbing the design aesthetic / elements.

  • Many sizes available for custom applications. View all sizes >

  • Fire rated similar to sheetrock (0 flame spread, 0 smoke developed, and non-combustible, Class A)



IntexForms, Inc. located in Sacramento, California (5421 84th St, Sacramento, CA 95826). They were a subsidiary of a Canadian company until it discontinued U.S. operations in 1994. Since 1994 IntexForms, Inc., has established a well known reputation for producing a product that is lightweight, easy to install with unmatched quality. They have relied upon our past performance and relationships to establish IntexForms, Inc. as a dominant company in the industry.

IntexForms provides high quality glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) and glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GRG) products. GRC is used for exterior projects as it is similar to concrete in strength and durability with only a fraction of the weight. GRG is a reinforced gypsum product having high strength with lighter weight for interior projects. There are hundreds of in stock molds available for column covers (straight/tapered/fluted), capitals, bases, moldings, baseboards, coves and sconces, ceiling vaults, and cornices. Their products serve both “functionality” along with aesthetically pleasing and innovative design. Custom fabrication is available. Contact UP Ceilings for information regarding your requirements and specifications.

We have worked with IntexForms in many capacities over the years and are proud to distribute their products along side ours.




For more information regarding IntexForms products and their distribution throughout the United States, please contact us today:


Or visit our contact page here -> GO


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