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GFRG Vaults and Domes

Adopted and developed extensively by the Romans, the vault and dome played an important part in their architecture. Their use has continued throughout history and now with our molded GFRG products, you can implement the timeless structures into any space of your choosing at a low cost and with low maintenance. UP's molded products allow for great flexibility in design meaning that whatever you envision can be custom designed and built just for you. UP Ceilings also has a wide range of pre-existing vault and dome forms that are perfect for an extensive array of design specifications, At UP Ceilings we have a team of people with countless years of experience waiting to help.

White Dome Ceiling
Custom Green Dome Ceiling
Vaulted Ceiling Indoors

In addition to being noncombustible, GFRG products are durable and crack-resistant. The materials are environmentally friendly and light to ship. Whether the project is a restoration of an old dome model, a new and unique concept, or anything in between, GFRG molds can be made for any circumstance.

Lighted Dome Ceiling

Installing GFRG molds in any case is very simple, and the process for domes and vaults is no different. These projects can be installed regularly by being screwed into wood or metal ceilings, or they can be suspended and hung from wires. Small domes can be shipped and installed in one piece while larger domes are divided into smaller, more manageable pieces. Once installed, the product can be painted any color the customer desires.

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