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UP Ceilings, LLC

UP Ceilings started as an idea more than 15 years ago when we discovered that there was a need in the commercial construction marketplace for ceiling systems that don't necessarily "fit the mold." 

Architects and designers are constantly pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved, however  those ideas and renderings ultimately have to translate into manufacturing. UP Ceilings stepped in to fill the void between custom design and traditional manufacturing.

By innovating new systems, ideas, and products that combine traditional manufacturing methods/materials we are able to achieve design intent within the price and technical limitations allowed. 


Our methods keep your approved design within budget and on schedule. We work hard to find solutions that fit within the project requirements, and only provide systems and products that we are certain will look great for years and years to come.


We hold your design intent sacred. We will work with you to prioritize what is most important, and provide options and ideas on what can be modified or adjusted to achieve a certain budget/acoustic rating/project specific condition.


We understand the manufacturer's point of view. Having worked with 30+ commercial ceiling manufacturers (Armstrong, Chicago Metallic, Ceilings Plus, ACGI, Newmat, Adams Cambell, etc.) we are engineering focused and detail oriented.


We believe that "system wins." Since we are based in NYC, possibly the highest labor market in America, many of our solutions are centered around speeding up installation time. This means shorter lead times and lower overall cost.

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