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GFRG Columns

Custom Molded Columns

What was once used primarily for support has become a classic facet of design. Regardless of the use, UP Ceiling's glass fiber reinforced columns can bring substance and style to any space. 

Column covers provide the perfect demonstration for the benefits of UP's molded GFRG (or GFRC) products. Curving surfaces, fixed dimensions,and capital/base details can all be factory provided ready to install with a minimum amount of framing. Base reveals, outlet flats, and sensor/fire device locations are easily incorporated to make structural cover-ups a purposeful addition to enhance the surrounding space. Structural embedments can provide attachment locations to adjoining furniture or hardware components. We offer a widee range or pre-existing styles of columns, or let your design freedom reign and whatever you can think of, we can easily produce. Oval, circular, conical, fluted, convex, anything goes with GFRG column covers.

GFRG column covers are noncombustible and can be easily installed and painted just like drywall. If GFRC is used the material functions similar to cement. What makes our molded products special is their ability to be molded with incredible detail in a process that can make completely unique products cheaply and quickly. 


Non combustible and lightweight GFRG column covers are typically installed with screws and adhesive. After attachment, the joints between the sections are taped and floated together to create a monolithic, seamless appearance. The column covers are then ready for paint or other finish options. Installation details are provided with the shop drawings.

Columns with Custom Capitals

GFRG Column Covers vs. GFRC Column Covers

Building Entrance Columns

Columns can be made out of GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) or GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete).



  • Typically used on the interior

  • Made from gypsum reinforced with glass fibers

  • Taped together with standard joint compound

  • Is often finished with paint to act as a sealant and provide a uniform finish


  • Typically for exteriors or for high-moisture environments

  • Made from cement reinforced with glass fibers

  • Pieces are attached with caulk, emseal, or other joint sealer

  • Can be finished or left with the natural GFRC color. 

General Guidelines for Column Cover Installation

  • GFRG Column covers should be stored in an enclosed area and protected from weather

  • Fasteners are standard self tapping or self drilling drywall screws and drywall type adhesive such as PL 100

  • Joints in GFRG column covers are finished similar to gypsum board in according to ASTM C-475 guidelines.
    Fiberglass tape is recommended

  • Column covers are typically made to length, but if cutting is required, a dry diamond saw blade or a fine toothed carbide tipped metal blade is recommended. As with all gypsum, fiberglass or construction materials avoid breathing the dust

  • When dry and dust free, prime and paint or finish the GFRG column covers as desired

  • As with any gypsum product, GRG column covers that are to receive a semi gloss or gloss finishes will require additional preparation of the surface.

Column Capitals

GFRG column capitals are used at the top of the column and can offer a wide range of different designs. Some we have molds for, sometimes we create a custom shape based on the project specifications, or other times we can mold off an existing column to match it exactly. 

Column Capital Form

Connection Detail

Column covers typically come in two halves. The pieces can be 8-10' high or larger, and are taped together in the field. The detail below demonstrates how the GFRG (or GFRC for exterior installations) is attached to the structure, and then taped or grouted to remove the joint.

Column Cover Installation

Typical column cover sections, straight shaft column cover detail with a 7" diameter.

Column Cover Design
Straight Shaft Column Cover

Contact an expert for details, specification, pricing or questions:


Steve C.

Shop drawings were completed quickly, columns shipped quick and arrived in Manhattan with no damage.

Seamus G.

Ordered GFRC columns for a school entrance. Good product, responsive company

Tommy W.

Columns arrived with 3 weeks. Taped together, double height.

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