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Glass-Fiber Reinforced Products

Molded profiles made from GFRG, GFRC, and FRP.

Access Panel Finish

Access Panels

Made of 5/8" sheetrock, access panels can be modified for any specified size and can have either square or rounded corners. The layout of the panels can be lay in or hinged based on preferences and location. 

Custom Shapes

No matter the imagined shape, GFRG can be molded to produce curved and detailed panels using a quick and inexpensive process.

Custom-made Ceiling
Vaulted Ceiling

Vaults and Domes

Molded products are used to create precise and intricate designs that can be efficiently installed. Curved and rounded shapes are welcome with these vaulted products.

Decorative Wall Panels

GFRG allows for the easy manufacturing and reproduction of delicate and exquisite detail on decorative wall panels.

Custom Wall Panel Outdoors
Outdoor Columns


GFRG columns are lightweight, easy to move, and even easier to install. They can be taped and sanded to remove all joints, or made from GFRC to take high abuse in exterior installations.

Light Forms/Coves

GFRG can be formed to reflect and disperse light perfectly to give the room the ideal lighting situation. The knife edge mold and curved reflector are perfect applications of GFRG for drywall ceilings.

Light Coves Barneys New York
Molded Brackets - Column


By combining different layers of shapes, one mold will be formed that can attach and blend with the surfaces surrounding it. These products are made to be easily installed and ready to paint.

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