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GFRG Moldings

Intex Forms Brochure.pdf - Adobe Acrobat
Intex Forms Brochure.pdf - Adobe Acrobat

Moldings and embellishments are one of the primary characteristics that distinguish a finished, beautiful room from a basic box, providing attitude as well as architectural interest. Moldings and embellishments give new proportion and dimension and with UP Ceilings and our GFRG products, these added benefits can be achieved more easily, quickly, and less expensively than standard construction materials. Uncoupled from joinery techniques and the constraints related to raw materials, UP’s moldings and embellishments release these details from the costs and expenses of fabricating composite materials and layering shapes. UP provides a singular molded product that will seamlessly attach and blend with adjoining surfaces. UP incorporates facilitating details meant to speed installation and move construction processes to surrounding flats to speed mounting, taping, and sanding. UP’s moldings and embellishments are provided with a paint ready finish, as they have already been filed and sanded before leaving the factory. Empower your creativity with UP’s moldings and bring your vision to life!

Molded Custom Column
Molded Columns Indoors

GFRG molded products are durable as well as noncombustible. Their efficiency in installation and finishing is exceptional and their options for customization are endless. There are no limiting factors for what shape or form our glass fiber reinforced products can take.

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