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Affiliate - Distributor


Become a certified UP Ceilings Distributor or Affiliate and gain access to exclusive pricing and more ways to maximize profit on every job.

Typical Customer

These are some of our typical customers that participate in bulk discounting, affiliate marketing, and warehousing of Phantom GFRG access panels.

General Contractors, Prime, CMs

General contractors purchase panels in bulk on a project specific basis. The panels are then sold at higher margins to the trades that need them, such as the drywall, ceiling, electrical, or mechanical trades.

Construction Product Distributors

Construction product distributors that sell drywall /gypsum board often are in a position to provide the drywall access panel as well, saving their customer the hassle of having to shop for it, and making a profit in return.

Sub Contractors, Salespeople

Certain people see this product all the time through recurring installations and similar project scopes. Buying in bulk is an easy way to save a significant amount of money over time.

How to Participate


Specify your requirements and purchase panels in bulk with steep discounts.

Orders of 10-50 Panels:

Take advantage of bulk discounting right on our website. When adding 10 or more of the same product to your cart you will automatically receive discounting pricing.

Bulk discounting can be seen directly on the product page, and is only available for certain sizes. 

Orders of 50-500 Panels:


For larger orders we will supply you with a custom quote based on the sizes and quantities needed. Panels will be crated and ship LTL to your warehouse or distribution center. Tell us your requirements for packaging, shipping, and product features and we will deliver.


Provide customers with a link to purchase from our website and make a commission for every panel sold.

How it works:

Sign up for our affiliate program. Once approved, we will give you a unique link to share with your customers. Anytime someone clicks your link and purchases a product on our website, you earn a percentage of the product revenue.



  1. No handling or hassle: Never touch the product, we ship directly to your customer

  2. Automatic Payment: Get paid a commission from every sale, directly into your account

  3. No expiration: Links never expire and can be used forever. Links are permanently associated to your account.

  4. Easy: All you have to do send your customers a link to purchase, and get paid.

Why Phantom Panels

Individually Boxed

Panels can be individually boxed (on request) for easy storage and partial distribution. Breakage due to handling is greatly reduced.

Branded or Unbranded

The panel packaging can be unbranded and shipped in standard brown boxes. Custom branding available.

Maximum Profit

With our competitive prices and special discounts for distributors, you'll maximize your profit on each panel sold.

Take advantage of steep bulk discounting. The more you buy/sell, the more you make.

Join the program.
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Thank you. We will reach out to you directly.

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