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GFRG Decorative Wall Panels

Whether you are creating a seam, pattern, texture, or combining multiple components into one shape, UP Ceilings and Walls can provide interior or exterior facade and panel components that will enhance any surface. A wall can take on new significance when made to appear as wood, stone, or given extra design, patterning, or texture. Added detail and embellishment can provide visual intrigue to large expanses of interior or exterior surfaces. Decorative wall panels can create fresh and exciting detail and dimension. UP Ceilings and Walls has a wide arrange of products suited for any need.

Wall Panel Store Front

These molded wall panels made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum are noncombustible, easy to install, and resistant to cracking and other types of damage. No matter the imagined design, this material can bring it to life; shape and color customization is endless. Once installed, the panels are incredibly easy to paint as they come completely finished on arrival. Efficiency and custom capabilities are exceptional with GFRG molded products.

Outdoor Beautiful Wall Panels
Custom Wall Panels Outside
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