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WHat's up?

UP Ceilings & Walls is a specialty manufacturer of architectural ceiling and wall systems for commercial construction.


Based out of New York City, we work directly with architects/designers, contractors, and owners to achieve the desired design intent within the project specifications.

Access Panels

Phantom Panels are the best drywall access doors on the market, made to look invisible in the ceiling or wall. Invented in the early 1990's, it's now easier than ever to order GFRG access panels online and have them shipped directly to your jobsite, nationwide. Phantom Panels have a  wooden embedment to prevent fractures or cracks in the frames, and all doors come filled and sanded so the finish is paint ready.

Molded Products

Engineering, fabrication, and distribution of glass-fiber reinforced products (GFRG, GFRC, FRP), including access panels, columns, light coves, crown moldings, vaults, and domes. While we have a wide selection of standard molds in inventory, we most often create custom molds for project-specific needs. Products are provided "paint-ready" to be taped in the field, thus removing joint lines entirely from the equation.

Custom Ceilings

By bridging the gap between existing manufacturing methods and products we are able to efficiently design and engineer custom ceiling & wall systems for commercial construction of the future. The creative use of alternative materials (Foam, Magnets, Wood By-Products, etc.) and sourcing or creating custom suspension clips and methods has positioned UP Ceilings to develop innovative systems for complex projects.

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A+ Acoustical Absorption

Sound absorption (NRC), sound diffusion, and sound blocking (STC) are all critical functions of modern architecture and design. Our range of products achieve A+ ratings to fit within the acoustical requirements of the project. We offer a range of products that come in all different materials, finishes, and colors in order to provide acoustical absorption that fits with any design.

Operational Excellence

We believe that quality is built into each and every product manufactured within our walls. ISO 9001:2008 is the foundation of our world class quality management system, it is a Quality Management System that provides internal discipline and external acknowledgement of an environment that allows customers to know their product is manufactured in conformance to the original design specifications.

Class A Fire Rated

All of our products are rated Class A according to ASTM E84 fire testing. Certain products or variations can be modified to achieve Smoke Developed Ratings of 0-50 and Flame Spread Indexes of 0-25. Glass wall systems can achieve 30 or 60 minute fire ratings. Preventative fire protection is a critical component to safe buildings of the future.

Environmental Sustainability

Green building and project implementation in a sustainable manner means acting in an environmentally, socially, and economically responsible manner. Our process is aligned with the goal of continually minimizing waste, energy and resource consumption, and account for how our products impact people and nature around them.

Easy Installation

Our systems are manufactured to be installed easily and quickly. Since our primary market is New York City we understand how labor costs can impact the overall budget of a project, and hence engineer our products to have simple, quick installations that are familiar to the local installers. These cost and schedule savings are passed directly to the installers, GCs, and ultimately the building owners.

Custom Flexibilities

Having experience with nearly every type of commercial ceiling system available, we have the largest range of flexibility in product and material selection on the market. Having worked with plaster, gypsum, metal, wood, PVC, fabric, and stretch - as well as their associated suspension systems – we understand the pros and cons of each and can apply that to find a solution that works for you.

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