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What is GFRP (FRP)?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

First developed in the early 20th century, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) has become a staple in the building industry. Originally used merely for the construction of parts, the architectural advantages were discovered with the attempted destruction of Disneyland's "House of the Future." Built in the mid 1950s, the futuristic house was built entirely of fiberglass, and when the attraction was no longer deemed necessary, it was scheduled to be destroyed in 1967. Astonishingly, the wrecking ball merely bounced off the structure, and the possibilities for GFRP were finally recognized and began to grow. Today, UP provides a variety of products in GFRP to fit your building needs and aesthetic vision.

Fiberglass reinforced panels are made of strong polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. They are used on walls and ceilings and can be installed directly over drywall, wood, concrete block, and other types of solid surfaces. GFRP systems have a continuous, durable, scratch-resistant surface that is easy to clean and is mold and stain resistant. The panels can even be hosed down for cleaning. All of these qualities make GFRP excellent for use in kitchens, bathrooms, medical facilities, and other facilities requiring frequent, deep cleaning.

To learn about how FRP is used in architecture, check out our post here:


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