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What is GRG?

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG, or GFRG) consists of high strength resistant glass fibers bonded with high density gypsum cement to produce panels that traditionally were done with plaster castings. GFRG is lighter in weight, superior in strength and much easier to install than the traditional plaster castings. GFRG is also lighter than traditional gypsum and can be formed to a better detail.

There are hundreds of in stock molds available for column covers (straight/tapered/fluted), capitals, bases, moldings, baseboards, coves and sconces, ceiling vaults, and cornices. These products serve both functionality and aesthetics.

GFRG can also be used for wide range of entry way and door surrounds. GFRG can also be used for medallions, intricate moldings and decorative pieces to decorate ceilings and walls. It is often used to replicate historical interiors found in hotels and restaurants and period homes or where ornamentation is a significant part of the overall look of the property.

GFRG is more inexpensive than traditional plaster products as it is made in a factory setting and not at the job site. The molds are designed to create shapes and integrated supports that enhance the overall look and design of a room.

GFRG is the most efficient product for creating molded shapes and designs. It can be easily cut and sanded as well as being ready to paint once installed.


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