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What is GRC?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

GFRC is used for exterior projects as it is similar to concrete in strength and durability with only a fraction of the weight.

GFRC is a stronger molded product with greater moisture resistance. The most sought-after value-add of GFRC is its strength. When embedded into a concrete matrix, glass fibers act as load-carrying members; concrete itself is inherently strong, so the synergistic combination of the two naturally creates a super-sturdy foundational material. This characteristic is why glass fiber reinforced concrete is so weather-resistant and long-lasting. While also being prepared to paint once set up.

Compared to traditional concrete, GFRC is lightweight. Exceptionally lightweight, in fact. Depending on its makeup, glass fiber reinforced concrete can weigh as much as 75% less than traditional concrete. This makes it a versatile material for use in residential applications and also reduces end-cost. Lighter materials are easier to ship, install, and maintain.

When most people think of concrete they don’t think of highly-detailed aesthetic applications. But in fact, GFRC is actually a perfect material for creating small-scale decorative finishes. As a surrogate for plaster, stonework, and millwork, glass fiber reinforced concrete is today used in everything from fireplace surrounds to statues to artificial rockwork.


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