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GFRC General Installation Guide

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Attachment: If the GFRC pieces are at most 4’ x 6’, they can be produced with additional structural backup. For added support, a stiffener-rib should be added to the back side of the pieces. One stiffener usually runs for every 24-30 inches of the product. They are created from a mix of glass fiber and cement and can be attached with a veneer tie and strap, kerf and chip, etc. When GFRC pieces are larger than 4’x6’, they are normally hung with a metal stud backup and attached with a grade #2 bolt to the building. The metal stud framing can be welded to the structure (following AWS standards). Pieces over 8’x20’ will have a steel tube backup with the same process as with the metal frame above.

Installation: GFRC can be connected in a variety of ways that the customer can choose between. Installation is much more efficient and less expensive than other heavier stone products.


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